The Pink Petal Flower Tutorial

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The Pink Petal Flower Tutorial

More Felt Fun!

I know I promised the “petal” flower tutorial but I got carried away with coffee filters… Oops. Sorry
I Didn’t Forget Though!

You’ll need the same supplies as we used to make the Roses & Mums.
You’ll find the Making Roses & Mums Tutorial here.
Supply List;
Felt, Scissors & a Glue Gun.
If you want to try your hand at the Roses…
You can find the Felt Flower Roses Tutorial here in my Valentine Mantel Post.


This is So Simple, You’re going to Love It 
(Plus, I took lots of photos so it should be pretty clear)
 But, if you have any questions, just comment and I will answer them the best I can asap.

Let’s Get To The Petal Flowers!
Next scallop the outer edge of the felt.
Then, just as with the other flowers we made, 
start rolling away.

It starts looking like a flower pretty fast =)


Which is great, because I am all about
instant gratification.


The reason I cut that little apostrophe shape 
at the end/center is because it fits perfectly 
onto the bottom and finishes it off, all in one piece.
Put glue all over the flower bottom and place the flap over the glue.
See? It flips over and ta-da!
It’s Finished.
I thought a fresh little green leaf might be sweet so I gave it a shot.

Cut the felt free-form, into a leaf shape, then place a drop of glue at the base and gently fold over for shape.
Next, place a tiny dot of glue on the petal of choice and affix leaf.
and make yourself a whole bouquet!
So happy you stopped in!

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  1. says

    I have already tried a few ways of making flowers. A crafter can never have enough fabric & felt & paper roses, huh? :) This is a new version for me. It is really pretty. I think I am gonna make a bunch of it :)

  2. says

    Great tutorial! They are so lovely and look like they’d be really difficult to make – yet when it’s broken down step-by-step, quite simple. The addition of the little green leaf is the cherry on top :)

  3. says

    You are so stinkin’ good at these felt flowers! I’m just glad that you’re sharing your talent with all of us.