Resolution One – Organize and Purge

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I am coming up for air!
My very first
“Organize & Purge”
task is done.
I had been putting off organizing & purging my upstairs craft, okay… crap room,
all right… 


Because, let’s face it.
That is exactly what I was doing in there.
Now… it wasn’t dirty, or icky. Swear!
I could barley walk in there.
Everything was slowly moving into the center if the room.
Like magic.
It certainly could not me the fault of Moi’?
Since I was also going to be flipping all the contents of the room with the contents of my lower floor storage closet, I went ahead and emptied the entire room.
Yep, fun times.
I know how to party.
{big wink}
Where you ask?
Why, right into my living/dining room area…
Isn’t that how you do it?
After a few days of seriously editing what would not be returning and trying to put something in every nook & cranny to make the very most of my space, the upstairs room now holds all my home decor and holiday items.
No more trudging up and down the stairs every time I want to freshen something up!
Here is My Story in Pictures
{with a few words, you know I’m gabby!}
I think this is my favorite change.
It fits well under the window without blocking the light.
This is where I started.
…and this is now!
Really would LOVE if all the totes were
the exact same.
The different colors make me twitch a little.
 I vowed not to spend a dime
just my time ~ so no new ones.
(… for now)
This furniture piece and the mani’s may look like space wasters but I sell on ebay and I use them almost everyday.
More Wreaths, Toss Pillows
and Toted-Up Home Decor.
All Easy to See & Find.
I really tried to make smart choices about where I placed things.
There is a closet behind the entry door and we use it for coats & board games. I managed to find enough room to hang up all my table linens in one place. This works well because I can really see everything I have now.
This is HUGE for me.
I can now reach it, without it being in the way. at. all.
It’s the little things.
Man, when I go for it… I really go for it!
This is the gigantic mess I made to get the spare room looking like it does now.
Only one more to go now!!!
The storage closet.
{please… help me}
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Resolution One – Organize and Purge
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  1. says

    Oh girl you did it! I’m so proud of you! It looks great, Shan. I have to say, I’m pretty jealous of the hanging table linens. Wish I had room to do that.

  2. says

    It makes me happy to know that there are other pack rats out there like myself. I organize and purge, but the purge ends up in my basement waiting for another day of purging. lol

  3. says

    Nice work!! I can tell you that the different color totes would drive me batty too. My husband thought I was a loon when I started swapping out some in my craft room and had to buy new ones. When I said I was doing it because they didn’t match he almost threw me out the door! ;)

  4. says

    Oh my goodness, You did an incredible job organizing everything.
    You will easily be able to switch out decor items for your home.