Flip Flop Summer Pool Noodle Wreath Tutorial

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Happy Summer!!!!

Get Ready for a Quickie “how to”!

Flip Flop Summer Pool Noodle Wreath Tutorial


Oh, and by the way…

It’s raining here. Yes, I’m serious.

Just thought you should take a second to feel sorry for me.

Unless it’s over a 100* where you are.

Then I will feel sorry for you! …and we can have a pity~party swap.

Okay… enough of that.
Here is the 411 on my latest Noodle.
You will need:
  1. Grab yourself a Dollar Tree pool noddle.
  2. You’ll need some Clear Packing or Duct Tape.
  3. Gather your fabric and embellishments. (I got flip flops and some fake flowers at the Dollar Tree for mine. Plus, I had various scraps on hand)
  4. A glue gun or whatever you like to fasten your goodies to the noddle with.
  5. Choose a comfy place to work at.

Optional - Maybe grab a snack or pop on a cheesy TV show to sustain you!

Step One;

Grab your noodle, bend to have the two ends meet and tape them closed.
I picked my fabric, a light cotton and snipped the edge, then tore it into strips.
I tore about 5 strips 5 inches wide.
Step Two;

I then glued the first strip down, and started to wind  it around the noodle. Continue to do this, adding a new strip as necessary. I just fold a pinch of the exposed edge down as I go, no need to hem or worry about a raw edge. Easy~Peasy!

Once the noodle is all dressed…
Decorate as desired!!

Step Three;

I added some fake and handmade fabric flowers to mine.
For a more detailed tutorial on how to make these flowers, please see;

For a little extra dimension…
buttons are cheap, easy to work with,
and come in zillions of colors!
That’s it folks!
It’s a silly~fun Summertime wreath.
Hope you enjoyed my Flip Flop Summer Pool Noodle Wreath Tutorial!
 Made my way… fast, cheap and easy!!

This one went to live at my Sister In Laws house.
She fancied it.

Hope you are having a great Summer so far!

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Crafts - foxhollowcottage

This pool noodle craft is original to Fox Hollow Cottage and belongs to Shannon Fox.
Appearance in full on any site other then Fox Hollow Cottage is theft!
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  1. says

    I just love how cheerful this wreath is! I love a quick & easy craft & these pool noodle wreaths seem to be just that.

  2. says

    OK I am crying for you, not me..it was HOT but not that hot! I love your quickie…it is the C A Y U T E S T ever!~ Great tut too. I already pinned this first day of the partay. Which btw is still hoppin along.

  3. says

    You are keeping those noodle people in business, Shannon!! SO SO cute!

    I’m about to FB share and pin. I love this and one day I’m going to make myself a pool noodle wreath! :)

  4. says

    Now that’s using your noodle LOL! I love the addition of the flip flops! If I use different fabric maybe no one will know I stol..borrowed the idea from you, right? LOL! Record breaking heat here. It’s a dry heat though. 100 degrees and 7% humidity. Sorry, hot is hot, wet or dry! Have a terrific weekend :-)

  5. says

    I love a quickie – well for a wreath anyway!!

    And it was 98 here – not quite 100 but I still want your pity! Thank God for that Keratin treatment!!

    Here’s to perfect weather!