Decorating with Thrift Store Finds {Christmas edition}

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Decorating with Thrift Store Finds
at Christmastime

I want to share my hands-on, “in real life” approach to decorating for Christmas with thrift store finds.

Please continue reading to check out how I decorate.
For super cheap!

I’ve always tried to be a frugal shopper.

After many years of working retail and getting some great discounts, I just can not bring myself to pay full price!
Now, I’ve always shopped garage sales..
but the last several years I have really, really gotten into shopping thrift stores like
Goodwill, Hospice Thrift and Salvation Army.

Estate Sales Too!

Last year, I found so many “new” old things, that I thought I would highlight what a few of my favorite finds and what I did with them.
That way, if you’re out thrifting or hitting a great tag sale and you spot something similar, you might think twice before passing them up.

Like the little silver plate dish above.
{Although I use the silvery stuff year round}
Sometimes shiny, often tarnished.
This was $2.99 and I don’t think I’ve put it away since I bought.

When I added a few aqua feathers..
 and a silver ornament.
It became magical.
At least.. to me it was.

I shined up the trim on this Qt.. 
Which I know was under $5.00!

{I see them ALL the time!}

and used it as part of a silvery
Christmas holiday vignette in my kitchen.

I just thought these napkin rings were interesting and I liked all the texture. I’ve never used them for their intended purpose, but I sure like looking at them.  


An old pickle jar, some mica snow 
and a tiny bit of tinsel garland.
Mmm! Love me some sparkle.

They were .99 cents for 6.
I think they are pewter?
They are really heavy!

Speaking of Sparkle…

Glitter and a little white paint is all it took to turn this 
church that had seen better days

Into this frosty lil’ Qt!
When I saw these old, vintage holiday cards for a few pennies, I bought them.


They are just full of nostalgia.

I tucked them in an old, chippy window frame and got tons of enjoyment out of them.

The old window frame is just one of the 
23 original windows we replaced throughout this house. I gifted some but I made sure to keep a few for myself.


I had fantastic luck finding loads of vintage, Shiny Bright ornaments in a rainbow of colors. I sprinkled them all over the house!
An estate sale yielded some vintage sewing notions. The sequins were red and shiny, so I set them in an Avon dish that I picked up at the Salvation Army.

Along with a silver Dollar Store tree,
my Goodwill Christmas plates a few
candy canes and some etc’s…
I was able make my glass front cabinet
look cheery for the holidays.

Mini Break Down;

1. Recycled glass jar, Dollar Tree bottle brush tree. Splenda as snow!

2. Goodwill Christmas dishes. 
Seven pieces for $6.50

3. Quirky, vintage Santa for .25 cents

4. A vintage plate, faux snow, vintage bulb, Dollar Tree bottle brush trees. $2.oo
(cloche is re-used throughout the year)

This heavy glass dish
(that turned out to be an ashtray!)
looks pretty with a sprinkle of faux snow
and a single, shimmery ornament.

While this cloche sits atop a thrifted plate
in a just right shade of pale aqua.

Wishing you a Holiday Season that is 
Merry & Bright.

Without breaking the bank!

Visit here for more Christmas holiday ideas.


Today 11/9; I am thankful that I can talk about Christmas before Thanksgiving.
… and you’ll still love me. Right?

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  1. says

    I’m always picking up things at the Thrift shops too and wonder what to do with it all! I like the little church makeover you’ve done best, you could do that with so many other things too – thanks for the idea!

  2. says

    Shannon, I am so inspired by your transformations, thank you for posting this “tutorial” for those of us that can’t always see so clearly the beauty that lies in something. I was JUST at the thrift store yesterday and there were so many pieces I considered buying, one was 25 cents. Your post gives me hope!!!

  3. says

    Oh Shannon, this is all soooo inspiring. I went totally crazy every year when Christmas comes. :) My folks just laugh and shake their heads, probably thinking I’m silly, but I LOVE Christmas decorations. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration,


  4. says

    Shannon- Everything is looking wonderfully like Christmas. I love all your sweet touches. I have a couple of those old cards,too, that were sent to my kids when they were babies.

    Blessings to you-xo Diana